Love Water Distiller
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Love Water DISTILLER for distilled water

Notice the filter housing on the Love Water Distiller, it keeps the whole distillation system closed during the production of distilled water.  Other water distillers simply allow the water to drop, allowing bugs,dust,etc to enter the pure distilled water.
  • High Quality Water Container
  • Bottom 3/4 of water distiller where most heatup occurs is steel




    steam distilled water distiller

    Each Lover Water Distiller includes residue cleaner, and a 6 pack of filters.  These are a 'generic' distiller filter, available from many sources, once again keeping the water distiller cheap to operate.


    water distiller test

    This was the FIRST batch of water produced by a new Love Water Distiller.  It registered a STRONG 0 on the TDS meter.  This is remarkable for a water distiller this size.


    stainless steel distiller for pure steam distilled water

    Inside view of the boiling chamber of the Love Water Distiller.  Many water distillers in the $150-$400 have a full plastic boiling chamber.  A few water distillers in this price range have a steel bottom.  The Love Water Distiller has a complete botton and side stainless steel boiling chamber, which elinimates the number problem with most low cost water distillers, of the plastic boiling chamber cracking after a year or so.


    Condensation occurs in the distiller

    View of the FULL SIZE stainless steel distillation coil in the Love Water Distiller.  This is made out of stainless steel like the more expensive water distillers.


    Water distillers for the home.

    Each Love Water Distiller is sold as a package!  You get EVERYTHING you need to start making distilled water, and properly maintain a water distiller, which is also important to producing pure distilled water.  The above picture shows the superb packaging your Love Water Distiller will come in, fully enclosed in styrofoam dramatically lessening the chance of shipping damage!   You'll also get an excellent owners manual with each Love Water Distiller !

    Other styles of water distillers won't show you details of exactly what the water distiller is made of, and there is a reason for that!

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