american distiller
distiller: water
Height: 21 1/2" 
Width:  19 1/2" (does not include drain valve on side)
Depth:  13" (does not include faucet in front)
Holding Tank Capacity: Aprox 11 Gallons
Available in various voltage configurations. Standard is 120V

distiller water

  • Tap Water first enters the bottom of the Pre Warmer
  • Water Exits at Pre Warmer (1)
  • Water Enters boiling chamber already warmed(2)
  • Steam exits boiling chamber (3)
  • Steam enters double chamber (4)
  • Stem exits double chamber and enters Volatile escape vent (5)

    The above configuration pre warms the incoming water, and cools down the outgoing steam allowing the steam to condense easier.  This saves energy, and allows the post filter to operate more efficiently. 

    It also eliminates splash over from going directly into the condensing coil which could allow contaminants to be put into the holding tank.  With the addition of this 2nd chamber, purity can almost be doubled under some circumstances. You won't see this on any other distiller on the market, because of the increased cost and complexity to manufacture.


    Highest angle of attack of any fan blade on a distiller.  Helps keep coils cooler, allowing water to be cooler before entering the refillable post carbon filter. 

    As with all of the American Water Distillers, our units are not copied off of designs that have been around for 30 years or 'designed' by backyard mechanics.  Every aspect of the distillers has been designed by experts in distillation, physics, and chemistry, along with the time tested feedback from consumers and dealers leaving no aspect to chance. We won't cut corners, leaving out necessary components to save on production costs.

    This model also incorporates most of the features found on the 9C model, such as a Stainless steel faucet, and no mechanical floats to get stuck, get out of adjustment, leak, or wear out or contaminate your distilled water!

    Each distiller comes with:

  • Optional refillable post filter included for free.  Many post filters consist of a plastic filter, or even worse a filter made out of paper (paper has many bad chemicals in it).  With our refillable filter that is made out of stainless steel, your water will only be touching stainless steel and coconut charcoal (not regular charcoal like most filters use).  This puts YOU in charge of what if any type of post distillation filtration you want to use.  Activated charcoal from wood or other sources may have arsenic if the surrounding area has arsenic to leach from or if the wood has been treated
  • Stainless Steel Water Distiller Filter
  • Sample supply of coconut charcoal.
  • 1/4" water line to hook unit up with
  • T water connector
  • Stainless Steel ball valve
  • Pre filter to reduce scale buildup and reduce the escape of volatile chemicals into your air.



    Optional auto drains and pumps available to pump the water from one location (basement) to upstairs area, etc.

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