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Water Distiller Features

Distilled drinking water with a WATER DISTILLER faucet

Only water distiller on the market with faucets that are ALL STAINLESS STEEL.  Other distillers use plastic housings, with rubber gaskets and plastic nuts in the inside of the tank to hold it on. Ours does not !

Consumer reports best buy water distiller drain

Larger Drain than most other water distillers.  Although some distillers claim they have such and such size valve, most taper down into a 3/8" tube restricting flow.  Our distiller is a FULL 1/2" drain tube, allowing easier draining.

Water Distiller: Consumer Reports test float

These are the devices that detect the water level in the boiling chamber and holding tank. Detection is done via conductance, eliminating ALL mechanical switches, moving parts, and seals other water distillers use for detecting water level.  This eliminates many of the failure parts in most other water distillers, and eliminates PLASTIC float sitting in your water.


This is the heart of all auto fill American Water Distillers.  This circuit eliminates the necessity of manual sterilization.  Our water distillers sterilize themselves on a regular basis, eliminated the need to manually sterilize the unit, and also sterilizing it more often, keeping your distiller germ free!

DISTILLER WATER stainless steel coil

Stainless Steel coil, with Volatile Escape Vent, and electronic circuit board.  Also, our fan is protected with a shroud, eliminating the possibility of the coil hitting the fan blade during shipping.

Water Distiler solenoid

Water Distiller Solenoid Valve, stainless steel construction.  Also notice on the right, that is where the water line is connected to an outline water source.  The connector is made out of stainless steel, not plastic.  Our water distillers are the only ones were aware of constructed with such high quality material.

steam distilled water

This is the 'Whistle'. It whistles when your hot water boiling chamber has reached the proper temp, letting you know it's ready for you to make hot tea or coca with boiling hot distilled water. (9HC model only)

Water Distiller double Distillation

Double distillation showing distilled water going into 2nd tank for distillation.  Only consumer water distiller with this feature.  Usually reserved for scientific labs. (9HC model only)

Dimensions: 18" High 18" Long 12" Deep
Weight:  51 Lbs model 9C (55 Lbs 9HC  Water Distiller)
Electrical:  120V 1200 Watt (Other voltages available)
Coconut Charcoal Carbon pre Filter good for 1,500 Gallons

Purity:  0 PPM on TDS   > 99.9 Percent Purity. (9C Model)
Purity:  0 PPM on TDS   > 99.99999 (9HC Model)

  • Super Large Carbon Filter removes VOC's prior to distillation.  Eliminating possibility of collected contaminants being released from filter directly into distilled water at saturation point of filter.  Last 1 1/2 years if you make 3 gallons a day.

  • Volatile chemicals that boil at a temperature lower than water (chlorine is a good example), unless removed prior to distillation, will either go back into the distilled water or, more commonly, be vaporized into the air of your home. Breathing them is as bad as drinking them. The best policy is to filter the water through carbon before distilling it. Our water distiller removes them PRIOR to distillation!  No dangerous VOC's will be released into your house to breath!

  • Made out of 304 Stainless Steel. No Plastic faucet, no plastic fittings, no plastic float parts, no plastic lid knobs ! 

  • More parts on out water distiller are made out of stainless steel than any other water distiller on the market.

  • GAC system also reduces hard water deposits, meaning less cleaning.

  • Auto Sterilization.

  • V shaped boiling chamber.

  • NO PLASTIC or rubber gaskets that touch the water in the boiling chamber.

  • No floats or mechanical devices to get knocked around or out of alignment during shipment.

  • 1 Piece unit, no assembly or wiring necessary. Much easier and quicker to hook up compared to other water distillers.  Most other water distillers require the top to be hooked up to the bottom, and screws/nuts/rubber washers must be held tightened up from the INSIDE of the holding tank of the water distiller, which is not easy. And wiring harnesses must be attached.  Our drain valves are already installed on the water distiller.  All the customer has to do with our water distillers is screw the faucet on the front by hand, no tools needed, and attach an incoming water line to the distiller.  No other automatic water distiller is this easy to hook up.

  • Hot/Cold model double distills water.  If  you think water that is distilled once is pure, it's much more pure if it's double distilled!

  • Water distiller has a completely removable boiling chamber lid, which provides the easiest access in the industry to the stainless steel boiling chamber itself.

  • All American Water Distiller functions are controlled by modern solid-state circuitry. All American Water Distiller  units have no mechanical floats, float seals or microswitches to leak, fail, leach, or require replacement. And the plug-in connectors make servicing the water distiller a breeze!.

  • Illuminated Switches!

  • Insulated Boiling Chamber  - But does not use carcinogenic fiberglass home style insulation like others use! ( Ask before you buy if the distiller you are looking at has the 'itchy' type of insulation around its chamber!)  Recent studies have shown standard home insulation has formaldahyde and other bad stuff in it, put this around a heating chamber, and it speeds the release of these chemicals into your air)



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